Tobacco Hardware

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  • Tobacco is made from the fresh leaves of the tobacco plant shown above.
  • Mature tobacco leaves are harvested and then left to dry through curing a process that allows the leaves to dry and age over time .
  • Curing brings about the flavour and smell of the tobacco that its users may find attractive.
  • The dried tobacco is made available to the public as various forms of tobacco products. Tobacco is processed and packaged so it can be:
    • smoked, as either rolls of tobacco (e.g. cigarettes), or inhaled in pipes (e.g. waterpipes, popularly known as shisha)
    • consumed orally (e.g. chewing tobacco)
  • Tobacco contains the drug nicotine which makes a smoker or tobacco-user feel high, due to a rapid release of nicotine which stimulates hormones.
  • But the use of tobacco products also leads to serious health effects, with tobacco consumption associated with about 5 million deaths a year worldwide.

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